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The public debt markets

Public debt is one of the safest investments, ideal for sparing conservative profile, characterized by low risk and cost affordable. However, the weakness of public finances has cast doubt on the solvency of the national debt assets. Currently, the German bond yield reaches 3%, while Spanish is at 3.40%. The risk premium on debt shows […]

How Can I Optimize My Business’s Marketing Plan?

Effective marketing can and should be an integral component of your company’s growth strategy. Yet while many business owners recognize the truth of this principle, they aren’t sure which advertising strategies to implement for the purpose of expanding their organizations. If this is your current professional dilemma, you should start implementing the following marketing strategies: […]

Sanctions for telecommunications companies for their customer service

A complaint unanimous all users of telephone services is on the operation of customer service that, contrary to what its name implies, function as an impregnable barrier protection as a service company dedicated to actually fix problems users. The Government is aware of this situation and why the new Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Juan […]

What to do if we can not afford to finance

In making the statement of income, many taxpayers realize they can not afford to pay it, especially those during the past year were unemployed and working, which, as have two payers, the resulting figure is quite high. In this situation, we have several options: Split the payment in two installments. The first 60% of the […]

Investing in gold in times of crisis

According to experts, investing in gold in times of crisis is a good option due to the same market stability and the loss of value of paper money in times of economic instability. However, before deciding to undertake the investment, you need to learn and get to know the gold market to find out where […]

Business Outsourcing

Sometimes companies do not have enough staff to perform all functions or activities that require their business, or do not have all the necessary equipment for it. In these cases the company may resort to outsurcing, a practice that is becoming more fashionable and is hiring an outside firm to carry out such activities or […]