Advantages and disadvantages of teleworking

teleworkTelework also known as teleworking grows stronger in times of crisis and has emerged as the most valued option to promote work and family reconciliation. There is no single model of telecommuting, there are many ways to combine employment with domestic duties and social life. The idea of telecommuting is born in the United States in the decade of the sixties with the aim to avoid car journeys and, thus saving energy. Currently, apart from saving fuel, offshore work represents a new form of business organization, professionals, public institutions, families …


For the employee

  • More flexible working hours to arrange their working hours to suit their personal needs.
  • Greater autonomy, especially for people with an independent character and like to take responsibility.
  • It promotes the employment of people with disabilities.
  • Savings. Fewer trips are made, which saves time and money. It is a better quality of life.

For companies

  • Increases flexibility, both internally and externally, which can capture and retain talent.
  • Is an optimal and cost-effective to promote reconciliation.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Reduction of fixed costs of firms (less space in offices, saving light, energy, transport, rent and office equipment).
  • Increased productivity through the implementation of work objectives or results.
  • Provides companies with a customer approach, given the better responsiveness, efficiency, service quality and self-image.
  • This reduces the problems of coexistence among employees.
  • Facilitates geographic expansion.


For the worker

  • The lack of work environment can be a disadvantage: loneliness, lack of support and less communication. This can result in a loss of motivation, team values ​​and desire to work.
  • Reduce social benefits and worker protections, especially if you freelance contract.
  • Generates a feeling of job insecurity and social, along with a sense of helplessness to the helplessness of a specific legislation.
  • There is a fear that his low profile in the company means a loss of promotion opportunities within the organization.
  • Sedentary lifestyle can generate as few moves are made.
  • It tends to become an individualist.
  • Telework requires self-discipline and organization, not everyone has that attitude essential.
  • You must have a continuous training in Information Technology and Communication, especially in providing Internet tools for business communication.
  • Risk of intrusion of family responsibilities at work.

For companies

  • Worker isolation affects their performance, which may mean a lower rate of productivity for the company.
  • Personal contacts are reduced, and may even disappear, and hinders the diffusion of entrepreneurial culture, which affects the operational capability of a workgroup.
  • You can create conflicts arising from telecommuters’ loyalty as the customer base to take to competition.
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