Best prepaid credit card

Identity theft is a continually growing problem worldwide. The Internet has opened up the doors to the ability to shop online day or night around the world. With this ability comes the ability for less than scrupulous characters to steal information from your computer. Anyone who has had their identity stolen can tell you that it is a long and onerous task of restoring your good name. The United States Department of Justice says that the use of personal computers to send fraudulent emails to people is the most common way to obtain their personal information. People simply give out their information to people they do not know.

Online shopping is not only convenient, but there are so many choices of places to shop that it makes it very easy to just hand out your credit card information the first time you see something that you want to buy. Not all shops are reputable, but most online shopping sites will deliver what they say they will, and they have gone to the extra measures of securing your credit information. Even so, there are still instances where entire online stores were hacked and credit card information was compromised.

The best defense against online hacking or identity theft is not to give anyone online your credit card information. A simple and easy way to avoid the problem is to get the best prepaid credit card you can and use that for all your online shopping. That way, there is no personal information attached that can be used to steal your identity.

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