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Shareholder Rights

When we acquired the shares of a company we become, the same percentage of shares that we acquired, owners of the same. And this condition of participants in the company, which makes us certain rights, both economic management, which we acquired at the time to buy stocks. These rights may vary slightly according to the […]

What to do if your company decides to promote you

Any professional should strive to excel, to be better valued and important decisions within a company. But if over time you do not get up, it is best to consider other job assignments. Professional life does not end in a company. Not hesitate for a moment, do not waste your time, if you promote your […]

Tips for Being a Good Boss

As a general rule heads are not well regarded by its employees, which makes sense because as a person of authority in the company must ensure the benefits of it but I suppose at some point conflict with members of staff. But it is also true that not be a leader you have to take […]

How to do market research

Market research is a process which collects and analyzes data and information about customers, competitors and the market in general to create a business plan, launch a new product or service, improve and expand existing new markets. All we have to analyze in detail. Market research can be used to determine what percentage of people […]

Finding the perfect employee

The companies are again hiring and there is the same fear as always: the wrong choice in hiring the worker. It is always a gamble because it is difficult to know a person well in a couple of interviews. Moreover, the number of candidates offered to apply for a post has grown considerably, so if […]

Steps to hire a worker

There are three steps that you take to hire a worker to perform services for your company. We detail the step below: Request registration of the company in the General Treasury of Social Security. This made ​​if the first time you hire a worker. It is an administrative act by which the Treasury assigns your […]