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How to fire an employee

Surely the report to an employee who must leave the company is one of the hardest moments to face a boss, but it is certainly necessary for the good of the organization. It’s an unpleasant situation, since it means bad news for a person who has been part of a company to deal with this […]

Rights of workers against dismissal

If you’re planning to dismiss an employee, know that they have certain rights that even in case of dismissal must be respected to the letter. Many workers are unaware that labor rights are, what motivates many companies to save some money or a problem, the worker does not specify what their real situation and what […]

Finding the perfect employee

The companies are again hiring and there is the same fear as always: the wrong choice in hiring the worker. It is always a gamble because it is difficult to know a person well in a couple of interviews. Moreover, the number of candidates offered to apply for a post has grown considerably, so if […]

Steps to hire a worker

There are three steps that you take to hire a worker to perform services for your company. We detail the step below: Request registration of the company in the General Treasury of Social Security. This made ​​if the first time you hire a worker. It is an administrative act by which the Treasury assigns your […]

Requirements and procedures to be autonomous

More and more people decide to become self-employed either to work well for large companies or as a step to start their own business. The requirements to be independent are: Be of age and free disposal of your assets. You may also be an emancipated minor, with the limitations laid down in Article 323 of […]

How to leave a company

Many employees decide a change of scenery to enhance their professional development. Leaving a company which we have been providing our services for a long time is not easy. Sometimes they lose the form when you want to change jobs or dismissal is communicated. Life takes many turns, so it is best to leave the […]