Ford Customs

Adding new part or make a customization to Ford car need a professional people with the right kit to do it. If you want to add a6.0 egr delete for your Ford, you can Get a 6.0 egr delete for your auto at They have the right tools for you and you can be sure that the tools and kit has past the testing part to prevent any leaking.

The 6.0 egr delete kits come in complete so you don’t need to buy an extra parts. The kit that available was able to use for Ford 2003 -2007, F-250, F-350 and other Ford type. What about the price? Don’t need to worry because the pricing are very competitive so you don’t need to look further to other place.

If you want to have some challenge by installing it by yourself, you can do it. The kit come with necessary parts and you can download the installation guide that will assist you during the installation. If you already have the experience of installing this, then you can finish it fast. But, the average time of finishing the installing is range from 4 to 6 hours and remember that it was depending on your experience.

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