GlobForum, Connect People from All Over the World

An old saying goes like this. “The world is narrower during the time”. It seems to be a right opinion and it is proven after the internet space is getting familiar among the people who live above this planet. After the internet came to this planet, distance is no longer a problem to connect with people in other countries. And when social media created, it is more instant and express because we can even share and talk to somebody who lives in long distance. is similar like social media. This website is a Global Forum that gives chances to people from all over the world to do what they want instantly. Users can talk to other people who maybe have different language with one language. All messages will be translated into user’s mother tongue, so it will be easy to understand. Glob Forum allows users to discuss anything, including economy, politics and global issues.

Glob Forum is also a great bridge to tell other people in other countries about interesting places in particular countries. Simply we can say that Glob Forum is discussing about anything we want and it helps connect people from all over world to meet in one place.

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