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When we save the file or data in our computers there are a lot of the risk of loss that may occur. We can lose data because of various things such as the existence of computer viruses, interference with the system or due to other causes such as negligence. Because of these reasons we need a media that can help us to minimize any risks that might occur in the data we have stored. Suitable medium to overcome this problem is an online backup, which is a site that provides data storage services within a certain timeframe. Especially for small-scale businesses that do not have an independent backup system data such as those owned by large corporations, media such as online backup reviews site is suitable for backing up data that has to risk losing vital data for companies can be avoided.

There are many online backup site that provides similar services (data storage), but few are able to provide a sense of security with a good quality service. There are three online backup site that is highly recommended for you, that my PC Backup, Carbonite and Mozy. This three online backup site actually has a similar advantage, but if we have to compare between this three online backup site then my PC Backup slightly superior compared with Carbonite and Mozy. Almost all existing services on my PC Backup got a 5 rating from a scale of 1-5 except for the time response that got rating 4. While Carbonite and Mozy almost all of its services also received rating 5 (scale 1-5), but compared to my second PC Backup online backup site each have a drawback in addition to the same response time with my PC Backup also has shortcomings in technical support (Carbonite ) and customer service (Mozy), which has a rating of 4 (scale 1-5). But in general this three online backup site is actually very good.

Well, after you know the general picture of this three online backup site then you will be able to determine its own online backup site where you want to choose according to your needs.

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