The characteristics of every entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, even in times of uncertainty is posited as an alternative employment. The venture requires hard work, sacrifice, motivation and knowledge. The truth is that real entrepreneurs do not cease to be or to do so at any time in his career. These are individuals who live their profession thinking constantly changing, they know that the collective and individual transformation is necessary for survival, adapting understood as a way to stay alive. Adapt or die, live with that idea an entrepreneur, whatever the sector, which puts her life. For this, the attitude is very important, these are the characteristics of every entrepreneur:

Spot the difference, the different path. The entrepreneur needs the essential point of madness, which is required for generating an extra dose of courage, courage to begin the project, power to transform an idea into action and keep it at the time. No running water is what carries, but nothing by choosing the road. Know that only dead fish are washed away.

It is realistic. Why not be anything but live with “their reality” because reality shows from the other side, an unusual way, and he knows to differentiate what is potentially achievable, although difficult, what is mind-bogglingly impossible.

How to fire an employee

firedSurely the report to an employee who must leave the company is one of the hardest moments to face a boss, but it is certainly necessary for the good of the organization. It’s an unpleasant situation, since it means bad news for a person who has been part of a company to deal with this situation all we can do is prepare to be correct and polite as possible.

No manager for it deserved dismissal, it is customary to give such bad news. Just accept it and prepare adequately is to reduce the stress of the process. The important thing is that decision making becomes final. It should be noted that once the worker is reported there is no turning back, so you should not fire the first thing that comes to your head, it is vital to elect and be based on facts and that can be documented.

For the dismissal was not caught by surprise by an employee, must have made ​​several calls for attention, explaining the professional is not doing their job or informing you that your level of performance is expected. Another important detail is that the statement should be personal and guarantee the confidentiality of the situation, so that coworkers can not intervene in the decision of the company.

The timing of firing is crucial. Do not say that phrase “you’re fired” because it is too hard and difficult to pronounce, there are several ways to express this message in different words. It also recommends that the presence of a human resources manager to report the conditions of the dismissal and their rights.

Rights of workers against dismissal

dismissedIf you’re planning to dismiss an employee, know that they have certain rights that even in case of dismissal must be respected to the letter. Many workers are unaware that labor rights are, what motivates many companies to save some money or a problem, the worker does not specify what their real situation and what you get. While that may be beneficial at first, if the employee detects the deception the company can have serious legal problems.

The worker must receive from the company a letter of notice of dismissal which must be based on both the facts that motivate the date on which it takes effect, which shall not be less than fifteen days. At that time, the worker should collect the information needed to file a claim if it is an unfair dismissal in which there is no reason to carry it out, but many times companies manage it so that seems a fair dismissal . If you’re going to lay off any workers or you are a worker and you’re in this situation, take the following measures to carry out a legal claim:

Finding the perfect employee

interviewThe companies are again hiring and there is the same fear as always: the wrong choice in hiring the worker. It is always a gamble because it is difficult to know a person well in a couple of interviews. Moreover, the number of candidates offered to apply for a post has grown considerably, so if one side gives access to more channels, on the other makes the whole selection process longer and more complex. Therefore, we give a Decalogue to find the workers they need.

Maximum information. The first thing is to know first hand the post to be played by future work. If you’re not clear about the responsibilities or duties required, you can not make the selection properly. Calls for a full description of the job: experience required, training, experience, skills required, etc. You have to know exactly what the company seeks.

Key issues. Carefully planned questions to highlight key strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. It is imperative that before the interview to prepare a questionnaire with questions and skills you want to analyze.

Outside stress. Maybe the interview is a little nervous, so also is working to make you feel yours without any pressure not to affect their responses and can be assessed more properly.

Body language. Observe their body language says a lot about a person, you know factors such as self-confidence or the interviewee. Without doubt, are very relevant data.

Steps to hire a worker

hire workerThere are three steps that you take to hire a worker to perform services for your company. We detail the step below:

  • Request registration of the company in the General Treasury of Social Security. This made ​​if the first time you hire a worker. It is an administrative act by which the Treasury assigns your company a number for identification and control of its obligations. This number is considered first and foremost Contribution Account Code. In this code will link all actions that your company made ​​over the years. If you have offices in different provinces should ask for one for each of them.
  • Membership and high work: you must do so in the Provincial Directorate of the Treasury General of the SS in which your company is domiciled and has to be before it starts working. You present the model TA.1 accompanied by a photocopy of the ID of the worker. Also must register with the model TA.2 if the worker never worked and, therefore, is not discharged from Social Security.
  • Communication of recruitment to the Employment Service: Once everything has been done before and that it has signed a contract with the worker must notify the Public Employment Service within 10 days. This also applies to changes in the contract of any employee, such as a promotion, a contract extension, a change of floor …

Requirements and procedures to be autonomous

Businessman Wearing Cape More and more people decide to become self-employed either to work well for large companies or as a step to start their own business. The requirements to be independent are:

  • Be of age and free disposal of your assets.
  • You may also be an emancipated minor, with the limitations laid down in Article 323 of the Civil Code.
  • They may also be self minors and the disabled if they do so through their legal representatives.

Bear in mind that the self is unlimited liability, accounting for business with all their present and future, which means there is no separation between personal wealth and the company. These are the steps to become self-employed:

  • Tax Paperwork: census statement (statement of commencement, modification or termination of activity), high in the IAE (Business Tax, a local tribute.)
  • Proceedings before the General Treasury of Social Security: High in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed (a single high but will perform various activities), Company Registration in Social Security, affiliation and contract workers.
  • Proceedings in the Labour Inspectorate: Guestbook diligence, diligence Registration Book Contract Workers.
  • Formalities at the Provincial Delegation of Labour: Opening Communication Centre work.
  • Procedures in local government: opening permit, building permit (if necessary perform them).