Tips for finding work after 45

jobsAlthough unemployment is affecting the whole population, the unemployed are aged 45 years, with young people seeking their first job, the two age groups are finding it harder to return to their jobs once they have lost above. However, it is difficult does not mean it’s impossible. If this is our case, what we do is redirect our search by following guidelines provided by experts to make good on our experience and our careers.

Be flexible: It is not easy to find at age 45 earning a salary lower than in the previous position or a part-time work, but any job can be our springboard to a more stable and better paid. So do not reject in advance no choice.

Keep up to date: You must keep abreast of innovations in the tools we work with, especially if it is within the scope of computer science or information technology. Therefore you must update your skills through training, so that you can overcome the skills tests for job interviews.

Do not hesitate to use your contacts, which often turn out to be one of the most effective ways to find employment. It also pays close attention to social networks, which now have become a mainstay of the job search, especially if looking for a job at management level.

How to manage your contacts in job search

jobsMany people now have managed to find a job through contacts. Many companies, instead of publishing their applications for employment, encourage their employees to nominate a view to possible recruitment. The fact that a worker who is talking about us the company inform us of a vacancy or we propose to him, is certainly a point in our favor when it comes to overcoming the selection process.

It is therefore necessary both know how to manage our network and get to know them we are looking for a job, and at all times we must avoid an attitude manipulative or victimization in order to obtain good results.

It is very important to let them know positively.

Although being unemployed is not a nice situation if we take some time and we may be a bit hopeless, talk the result will give us more proactive and positive way, talking about our activities during unemployment. Thus our image will be much more positive face of a possible contact.

When speaking of the position you would like to play, do not just say “anyone” and that this response provides no information about your qualifications and your expectations. Without extend yourself too much, talks about the places you played, your skills, your expectations, and so on.

Alternatives to unemployment

alternativesAccording to recent estimates, we have not achieved a level of economic growth that helps create jobs. On the contrary, some experts predict that the last quarter of this year will be tough as far as increasing the number of unemployed is concerned, making the possibility of finding a new job when we lost our job even more complicated to achieve. In this situation it seems that there is no exit to the tunnel of unemployment, but if we can reorient work, we have many opportunities:

Working as freelancers: It may be time to exploit that talent or skill you have and make it your profession, like many times have you thought. To do this, you can search many websites that offer jobs for this type of professional and temporary orders start gradually, perhaps allow you to become a long-term freelance.

Studying a competition: Though it never seems the best solution, it is for many groups with special difficulties in accessing employment, as women, long-term unemployed, etc.. You do not need to consider making judgeships, but seek an opposition that suits your personal circumstances and economic conditions.

What to do if your company decides to promote you

promotedAny professional should strive to excel, to be better valued and important decisions within a company. But if over time you do not get up, it is best to consider other job assignments. Professional life does not end in a company. Not hesitate for a moment, do not waste your time, if you promote your organization becomes an impossible mission will have to consider new business horizons.

But to ascend you must first prove you are worth, starting with a detailed analysis of the capabilities and skills we have. Ask yourself these questions: What are my skills, where I can add value and what moves me. Once you are clear about how far you can get, to achieve new goals, you will need to learn some values ​​such as positivism, ambition, proactivity and innovation, they all are linked with wanting to go further, to grow professionally. Attitude is the basis for trying to succeed in this development. But not unique.

You should never lose your way or let anyone underestimate you. Nor should we be overly ambitious, or selfish and avoid the shadow of the boss. Be careful, try not to speak of the account and to listen, because only then will know the performance of the company. We must also be clear whether what is sought with this change is a promotion in pay or responsibility for new projects to stimulate.

Social Responsibility for Entrepreneurs

entrepreneursToday, consumers are not only looking at the market a product that can meet your needs, be of good quality and is cheaper economically, but also more people looking to be respectful to the environment which promotes even minimal development of a community and comes from a company that guarantees its commitment to the advancement of society. Social responsibility (hereafter CSR) is also a new way of doing business. Takes note of the following tips for entrepreneurs CSR:

  • Take advantage and generate any business opportunity that is associated with the concept of social responsibility. Examples include green markets, businesses and social enterprises inclusive.
  • Since you get started with your new company, embodying the principles and practices of CSR in your planning and management so that everything is perfect from day one.
  • Place in a first group of interest, ie your employees. Ask them what interests them, if they want to help and what they could. An employee who feels a participant in the important things the company will always have better performance.
  • You must understand the value chain and how it can help. All links in your company have some very interesting things that make it “not” who you think your job.
  • Establish partnerships and contact with other entrepreneurs to help as much as possible and so that I can help you.

Public speaking

public speakingOne of the most important parts of a company is undoubtedly the media. A company must be social and to communicate the message to achieve their business objectives. For this speech is fundamental. Become a successful speaker to reach more people. It is true that public speaking is not easy, everyone has trouble, it takes practice and good communication skills. Furthermore, it is necessary to plan the speech to thrive, in an orderly and clear.

The main thing is to know in depth the topic about which you speak. Therefore it is necessary, do work for information or documentation prior to exposure. You can check the Internet, libraries, newspaper, interview or anything you think you can find helpful information. By mastering the subject on which you talk, get to be ready to face whatever you have to improvise.

To prepare the speech can begin making an outline of the points you want to be treated. This technique is very effective since it promotes the association of ideas. So you have and all concepts are interrelated and it is very easy to be structured. From then you can write your speech. Do not forget that the important thing before, you should introduce yourself and introduce the topic about which you speak.