Social Responsibility for Entrepreneurs

entrepreneursToday, consumers are not only looking at the market a product that can meet your needs, be of good quality and is cheaper economically, but also more people looking to be respectful to the environment which promotes even minimal development of a community and comes from a company that guarantees its commitment to the advancement of society. Social responsibility (hereafter CSR) is also a new way of doing business. Takes note of the following tips for entrepreneurs CSR:

  • Take advantage and generate any business opportunity that is associated with the concept of social responsibility. Examples include green markets, businesses and social enterprises inclusive.
  • Since you get started with your new company, embodying the principles and practices of CSR in your planning and management so that everything is perfect from day one.
  • Place in a first group of interest, ie your employees. Ask them what interests them, if they want to help and what they could. An employee who feels a participant in the important things the company will always have better performance.
  • You must understand the value chain and how it can help. All links in your company have some very interesting things that make it “not” who you think your job.
  • Establish partnerships and contact with other entrepreneurs to help as much as possible and so that I can help you.

There are many companies and entrepreneurs who can not properly carry out the CSR, so take into account the most common mistakes companies to make CSR so you will not touch you:

  • The worst thing you can do is think it’s only for big companies.
  • Do not think you only have liability companies that cause environmental damage or social. All they do.
  • Consider that CSR means just making a donation.
  • Believing that only comply with the law. There are more things to do.
  • No senior management involvement in the management of CSR projects. It is essential to be aware to be comfortable in something so important.
  • Believe that CSR is one thing at once. It should always be aware and comply to the letter yet.
  • Think that social responsibility is to pay benefits and wages on time.
  • Not knowing and not fully understand CSR, especially micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-depending, of course, some exogenous characteristics. You have questions about your consultation with an expert performance is much better than having to pay after the consequences of a misinterpretation.
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