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How to leave a company

Many employees decide a change of scenery to enhance their professional development. Leaving a company which we have been providing our services for a long time is not easy. Sometimes they lose the form when you want to change jobs or dismissal is communicated. Life takes many turns, so it is best to leave the […]

The people, the most important thing in a business

It is said that the best asset of any company is its employees, the team working to take out a business model later. Many companies focus on projects and clients to achieve better results and are making a grave error. They forget one of the most important business objectives: people. Have good internal communication channels […]

Bullying at work

Do you think you are being harassed at work? Bullying in the workplace continues to be a reference in the analysis of any case of ‘mobbing’. If you happen to several of these situations it is possible that you really are bullying, you can complain. Do not let any of your colleagues will make life […]