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Requirements and procedures to be autonomous

More and more people decide to become self-employed either to work well for large companies or as a step to start their own business. The requirements to be independent are: Be of age and free disposal of your assets. You may also be an emancipated minor, with the limitations laid down in Article 323 of […]

How to start a business

More and more people opt to create their own businesses because of the evil that is the sector of employment and the high number of unemployed people in our country due to the global crisis. Are you one of these new entrepreneurs, I’ll give some tips for creating your business and you have it all […]

Alternatives to unemployment

According to recent estimates, we have not achieved a level of economic growth that helps create jobs. On the contrary, some experts predict that the last quarter of this year will be tough as far as increasing the number of unemployed is concerned, making the possibility of finding a new job when we lost our […]