When the leader is no height

ceoIn many companies the leader is not up to it. In these times if you have not recycled may be unable to reach a view on global projects. In addition, it requires more responsibility to the chief executives. Some companies need to rethink the practices of hiring and firing of CEOs and their role in organizations. Many do not contribute productivity, only have an office and making phone calls to members. Do not leave the skin despite having to make major decisions. We must change the inept CEO for qualified youth.

It is important to remember that the high pay of the leader includes the risk of continuing or not depending on the results. So hard to understand is why so many CEOs do not have great support from everyone within the company to stay afloat, as so many inappropriate CEOs remain in office because no one takes a firm decision to leave them without work. With the crisis, managers have had to increase their efforts to avoid bankruptcy. When the market is conducive to that between a lot more money going out, always leave the accounts. But in times of crisis, when the market gives nothing and there to maximize all available resources, so everything costs more. The days get longer and the staff is hidden.

Why CEOs seldom fired? Maybe because nobody can go against or questioning his arguments. But the truth is that excellence to a CEO is difficult to define because there are so many examples like companies. It is not the same as a CEO of a bank than a renewable energy company.

Many managers have forged personalities who do not accept that things are different as they want and staked in the past. Surround themselves with people they say yes to everything, and think they can with everything. But in the end this strategy leads to failure. If the leader of your company is not up to it, poses the situation better or get yourself a new job because in the long term is unsustainable.

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