What are dividends?

devidenAlthough we possess no shares in a company, we may be familiar with the term dividends, you hear constantly in the media, but not everyone really clear what we mean when we refer to dividends.

But who are shareholders do know, and it is not surprising, since dividends are the profits that provides them being in possession of shares in a company. When a company makes profits, part of the same people usually reinvest in their development and other party intended to deliver benefits to shareholders.

Which part is devoted to each item will usually determined by the laws of each country, which often limit the distribution of dividends to shareholders forcing companies to reinvest always a part of the benefits themselves, to ensure continuity of them and prevent them from being in a situation of capitalization.

Respecting this limit, and the company will be determined by how benefits are distributed, always taking care to maintain the balance between the two games. Shareholders do not always receive their dividends in cash, but often do so in company stock.

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Combine work and children

work at homeOne of the main difficulties which are daily workers, especially women, is to reconcile working life with family life, especially with the care of children. The long hours that often exist in Spain become almost impossible task, and often have no choice but to hire people who look after the children until parents arrive home.

However, it is difficult does not mean it is impossible, and following a few tips you can combine work and family as balanced as possible:

Organization: If we organize and plan in advance our daily routine we can achieve significant time savings. You can make the purchase through the Internet and take care of bills and other domestic issues as you have a free moment. Also a good idea to do at the beginning of the week, a list of tasks throughout the week, meetings, etc. So that we can get a planning order to allow us to advance our day to use the time the best way possible. our business.

Benefits of temporary work

waiterIf conditions in the labor market can not access the much coveted job for an indefinite period, perhaps we should opt for a temporary job, signing a contract the same type. Such jobs have the advantage that can occur in certain seasons, such as holidays, rebates or Christmas, times that by increasing demand, the employer must increase its workforce to meet the needs of its customers.

Although temporary employment do not provide us long-term job stability, it is usually tempting attractive salaries or conditions and are rarely related to our professional profile, we must not forget the benefits it can bring:

We provide experience: Lack of experience is often a barrier to access a job, especially if we just finished our studies. Therefore this type of work will allow us to gain experience that can be reflected in our curriculum.

Avoid staying long periods unemployed: If our curriculum are long periods when we have not played in any occupation, we have to justify it in the interview for a new job, to a proactive image. Temporary employment allows us to reduce these periods.

How to organize your job search

job searchWhether you seek our first job as if we return to employment after a layoff, a foundation for success in this quest is to devise a method of planning before launching the search for the coveted post.

To design such planning and that our quest to be successful we must pay attention to the following:

Make a schedule: It is important, because that way we will not stop searching for that we can have some free time left after all obligations of the day. The best thing is to spend time in the morning, when companies post their job offers. Thus, we ensure that our bid is one of the first.

Identify the job characteristics we look for: While we should not close any door, is good to start by determining which sector we want to work, what companies want to target our requests and what position we want. If after a while put in a position not as specific as we can broaden the search.

Organize methods for finding employment: Today we have access to many websites which collect jobs, social networks, newspapers, etc.. We select what we will use and organize, so do not forget to none and our search does not become chaotic.

Writing multiple resumes and cover letters if we elect to positions of different nature. It’s good to be updated as the models of both documents to never send a resume with which we get our first job, although to date.

Factors impeding the search for employment

haltedFinding employment appears to be an increasingly difficult task, especially if the candidate belongs to certain groups particularly hard hit by unemployment as young recent graduates seeking their first job or unemployed over 45 years.

However, although undoubtedly present difficult circumstances to find that coveted job, it is also true that often we ourselves, without realizing it, further hampered the collection of such work.

This occurs when, for example, waiting until an offer from a certain position or to give us an answer to a candidacy already sent.

Although well guide the search for employment in accordance with our interests, it is undeniable that such a response or waiting for the offer, will slow the search for employment and opportunities we missed, although at first glance seem less interesting, we can give the desired boost to the labor market.

Also sometimes, without realizing it, we direct our search for the wrong job, because we do not normally look at that do not meet the profile that called for in the job offer. Given the competition that exists today in search of employment, failure to meet any requirement of the profile means that our curriculum will automatically go to the trash, so we need to properly analyze our experience and skills and guide the search for jobs that fit our profile.

Tips for finding work after 45

jobsAlthough unemployment is affecting the whole population, the unemployed are aged 45 years, with young people seeking their first job, the two age groups are finding it harder to return to their jobs once they have lost above. However, it is difficult does not mean it’s impossible. If this is our case, what we do is redirect our search by following guidelines provided by experts to make good on our experience and our careers.

Be flexible: It is not easy to find at age 45 earning a salary lower than in the previous position or a part-time work, but any job can be our springboard to a more stable and better paid. So do not reject in advance no choice.

Keep up to date: You must keep abreast of innovations in the tools we work with, especially if it is within the scope of computer science or information technology. Therefore you must update your skills through training, so that you can overcome the skills tests for job interviews.

Do not hesitate to use your contacts, which often turn out to be one of the most effective ways to find employment. It also pays close attention to social networks, which now have become a mainstay of the job search, especially if looking for a job at management level.