GlobForum, Connect People from All Over the World

An old saying goes like this. “The world is narrower during the time”. It seems to be a right opinion and it is proven after the internet space is getting familiar among the people who live above this planet. After the internet came to this planet, distance is no longer a problem to connect with people in other countries. And when social media created, it is more instant and express because we can even share and talk to somebody who lives in long distance. is similar like social media. This website is a Global Forum that gives chances to people from all over the world to do what they want instantly. Users can talk to other people who maybe have different language with one language. All messages will be translated into user’s mother tongue, so it will be easy to understand. Glob Forum allows users to discuss anything, including economy, politics and global issues.

Glob Forum is also a great bridge to tell other people in other countries about interesting places in particular countries. Simply we can say that Glob Forum is discussing about anything we want and it helps connect people from all over world to meet in one place.

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When the leader is no height

ceoIn many companies the leader is not up to it. In these times if you have not recycled may be unable to reach a view on global projects. In addition, it requires more responsibility to the chief executives. Some companies need to rethink the practices of hiring and firing of CEOs and their role in organizations. Many do not contribute productivity, only have an office and making phone calls to members. Do not leave the skin despite having to make major decisions. We must change the inept CEO for qualified youth.

It is important to remember that the high pay of the leader includes the risk of continuing or not depending on the results. So hard to understand is why so many CEOs do not have great support from everyone within the company to stay afloat, as so many inappropriate CEOs remain in office because no one takes a firm decision to leave them without work. With the crisis, managers have had to increase their efforts to avoid bankruptcy. When the market is conducive to that between a lot more money going out, always leave the accounts. But in times of crisis, when the market gives nothing and there to maximize all available resources, so everything costs more. The days get longer and the staff is hidden.

Why CEOs seldom fired? Maybe because nobody can go against or questioning his arguments. But the truth is that excellence to a CEO is difficult to define because there are so many examples like companies. It is not the same as a CEO of a bank than a renewable energy company.

How to increase sales in a store

sales moneyIn these times of crisis, sales have declined in many businesses and it is time to innovate and find the correct formula to increase them and that revenues are much higher. I pass some tips for you to know how to increase your sales:

Submit products attractively. Whether big or small a place, presentation of products should attract the attention of potential customers and motivate them to purchase, so you should pay attention to position the products correctly, divided into sections so that the act of buying favors , have the necessary furniture for sale, among other things. In addition, you should analyze the type of purchases you make in your store and you may be in need (the shortest possible time devoted to the purchase) and leisure (means that the customer likes to take the time to see the products, compare and choose the one you like).

Create a warm and original. Transform the environments in nice places where shopping is a major challenge for every employer. The goal is to make customers feel that buying into your business is quite an experience. Through good lighting, surround sound, entertaining music, pleasant aromas, etc. You can create the illusion of a tent show, which will appeal to prospective clients and will return from time to time.

Steps to create a business plan

Business accessoriesIt’s time to start a new business, to start a company must be clear about the project and the strategic development plan. Here are some tips you can not forget.

1. The idea is not everything
You have to be realistic, a good idea is a good start but it will be difficult to carry it out successfully. The business must be presented as viable. It is not about finding a business that will revolutionize the market, but to detect a hole, an opportunity that no one has taken to get where needs are not covered.

2. Business Plan
Is to translate the idea on paper clearly stating the goals we want to achieve with the company and how we do it. This planning is useful to study in detail the technical, financial and economic project. It is also the employer’s business card to potential partners, banks, investors or government.

Should include:

Description of the company and the product or service to be performed.
This must also include if you have the patent or trademark, the location of the company and the criteria by which you have chosen.

Presentation of a business project

Submit a business plan may not be easy. Any company is required to attract other businesses, clients and future partners. It is therefore very important to know how to express how much this project hidden, leaving everything very clear and in language adapted to those who are going to listen.

The level of detail in the presentation can make a difference can be decisive at the time of receiving a “yes” or “no” answer. Tell it well above may mean not convince, but sometimes being too specific is negative in the first touchdown.

If you’re willing to convince another company to work with yours, you should evaluate a number of points so that everything goes without a hitch. They are:

  • Total size of the market that the project is directed
  • Companies or customers interested in the product or service
  • Sales margins
  • Competition
  • Exit Strategy
  • Describe the opportunity to be irresistible. Necessary to use persuasion and urgent need to generate
  • Setting targets for the next 6 months

Keeping a business negotiation

negotiationSuccessfully complete a business negotiation is central to achieving our goals, but like everything in life is mostly a matter of practice. Take note of these five tips and you’ll get further:

1. Prepare
Getting to the meeting with a good preparation is key to success in business negotiations. Before we face it, we must ask ourselves the following questions: what goals we want to achieve?, what information we need to convince our interlocutor?, what agreements with the other party see as possible?, and what the negotiations would result unacceptable? So if all the information we worked, we will have more options to steer the conversation and lead our party to our land.

2. Play
A part of your interests, you should find what you want our party. For this is as simple as listening carefully. It is also advisable to repeat the statements of the other party in our own words, and always show respect and understanding. The treatment should always be cordial, as an equal and not as an adversary. No excessive rivalry should be noted though to have conflicting interests, to avoid creating negative emotions because they rarely lead to positive results.

3. Ask
Usually you ask questions, often leading the conversation generally. That’s because getting information from the other makes you increase your bargaining power. When we ask we usually put our party on the defensive and force you to explain. Feel free to ask any questions that are relevant and can better focus your strategy. However, it should avoid using overly aggressive tone. We must concentrate also on the clarity and avoid monologues.